Physiotherapy or physical therapy is a healthcare service provided by physiotherapists to restore and maintain mobility and wellbeing through physical rehabilitation, injury prevention strategies and interventions to improve fitness and health. A wide variety of problems caused by injury, disability and disease can be treated such as:

▪ Joint/muscle pain, stiffness, and weakness

▪ Back pain

▪ Upper and lower extremity pain (sprains/strains)

▪ Sports-related injuries

▪ Chronic pain

▪ Pre/post-surgical rehabilitation

Physiotherapists conduct a thorough history, physical examination to assess and diagnose your condition, create a specific treatment plan and help you meet and exceed your physical goals.

Treatment includes:

▪ Therapeutic exercises

▪ Manual therapy

▪ Electrical therapy

▪ Individual rehab program

▪ Patient education and self-management

At Essence, our experienced physiotherapist will provide one-on-one care and a personalized treatment to best assist you in achieving your goals.